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Community Service Funding Guidelines

Fig Garden Rotary (FGR) approves and implements community service projects and activities that improve life in our local communities. By using our FGR volunteers’ time, our community organizations’ talent and available funding, we complete service projects that improve the community. We are a positive community force by effectively bringing people together on our club projects. This strengthens and grows our membership, adding to our ability to serve.

  1. As a general rule of thumb, Ideal projects worthy of consideration for funding are 501c3 nonprofit organizations for approximately $2,000 or less per request.

  2. Project proposals equal to or exceeding $7,500 would be announced in both Avenues and at a regular Friday Rotary meeting prior to committee consideration of the proposal.

  3. Would represent an original idea coming from within our club.

  4. Would involve some specific type of capital equipment as opposed to operational expenses. Requests for operational funds will generally be denied.

  5. Would give members of our club opportunities for hands-on involvement.

  6. Would allow opportunities to call on a number of resources [i.e. discounts that members can obtain] in order to be creative in stretching the dollars we donate.

  7. Would involve some other “matching funds”, available from the organization we are assisting.

  8. Would provide long-term benefit.

  9. Would allow us the chance to follow up on the results of our donation.

  10. Would be payable (or furnish in-kind donations) to or on behalf of 501(c)3 eligible organizations.

In Addition,

  • Requests for continuing projects will stand for review each Rotary year.

  • Preferable projects are ones that are not already receiving help from other civic organizations (unless it is a joint project among several Rotary clubs).

  • Organizations requesting funds should be willing to allow us to review their financial information should we so desire.

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